Rosamund Pike Left Red Faced after BAFTA Awards Slip Up

Using the cinema awards season already under way, the current BAFTA Awards was a way for actors, producers, company directors and filmmakers all to become recognised for that work they are doing. Additionally, it provides celebrities by having an unending opportunity to humiliate not just themselves, but additionally their colleagues when while watching cameras on stage in the Royal Opera House while watching billions watching all over the world. Just like any live event, not everything will go quite to organize around the night.

Celebrity news was set alight as Rosamund Pike grew to become the most recent actress to participate the lengthy listing of celebrities who regrettably embarrassed themselves on stage although announcing the nominees and champion of the award. Rosamund was became a member of on stage with Dominic Cooper to announce the champion to find the best Original screenplay award.

His or her opening speech began, it had been obvious the autocue had regrettably damaged lower, and both celebrities resorted to ad-libbing to obtain with the opening speech. Rosamund Pike then began to spread out the envelope and announce the champion prior to the nominees have been declared, but Jonathan Ross saved the night by hurrying on stage declaring Thats the fastest Ive ever moved! Thankfully the actress handed the job of announcing the champion to her fellow actor, Dominic Cooper to prevent another embarrassing moment occurring.

The Nobleman Speech won the very best Original Screenplay award together with sweeping the board through the evening, winning Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor and Actress, among the rest of the awards announced, taking home 7 BAFTAs. Colin Firth also broke a BAFTA record by winning the very best Actor award 2 yrs consecutively, getting won it this past year after his performance as George Falconer in Tom Fords Just One Man.

The night also saw the British Academy of Film and tv Arts award the manufacturers and stars from the Harry Potter franchise of films the Michael Balcon Award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema award. David Fincher and Aaron SorkinsThe Social Networking was the 2nd greatest champion from the evening, using the film taking home 3 BAFTAs.

Celebrity gossip sources will get their sights focused on Hollywood for his or her forthcoming Oscars in 2 days time, with The Nobleman Speech and also the Social Networking again going mind to mind which are more gongs plus the dark thriller, Black Swan. It appears set to become probably the most competitive awards season up to now.Error processing request