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Get ready to regain your face’s beauty.Renew your skin and say goodbye to dryness and skin aging with Skin Care Collection Day Cream from Life Extension. Feel young again and  boost your confidence and get the perfect acting role. Imagine healthy looking skin that is softer, smooth and more hydrated. This is the ultimate multivitamin to  get results and  look your age again.

Revitalize your face’s skin, get rid of dead skin and welcome younger looking  skin with Ultimate MicroDermabrasion from Life Extension. Forget about uneven skin tone, discoloration and get a healthier tone. Use as needed to maintain a healthier skin or until you achieve  results. This is product you’ve been looking for and finally found at Life Extension.


Improve your oral health, keep your teeth looking great with  Life Extension Toothpaste from Life Extension. This effective toothpaste leaves your teeth and gums feeling healthy and clean. Best of all, there are no additives or artificial ingredients.  Be ready to enjoy brushing your teeth more than usual.  No more bleeding gums, sensitivity, tartar, cavities or gingivitis. Even your dentist will be  astonished  to how effectively this toothpaste worked on your teeth and gums. Get ready to smile more and impress with your whiter teeth at auditions.


Go for perfect looking skin with no flaws. Get better healthy looking skin and give your fight against aging with Rejuvenex Body Lotion from Life Extension. Diminish the appearance of creases and get essential antioxidant vitamins your skin needs. A lotion  in a perfect size guaranteed to work wonders. Soothe your dry skin and apply after taking a shower to moisturize and prevent  dryness. Get more than one  Rejuvenex Body Lotion  to take everywhere. In a very pleasant  scent  that is perfect for men and women.

Unwanted Facial  Hair

Take control of unwanted hair and slow growth by weeks and opt for Hair Suppress Formula from Life Extension. Say goodbye to that bothersome hair on your face and neck and cut down frequency of shaving and waxing. Go for a product that works, see hair reduction and smoother, healthy skin. Get ready to  boost your confidence and not be concerned  about others  staring at your face when you go to auditions.


Do something about your hair loss and opt for Dr. Proctor’s Advanced Thinning Hair from Life Extension. This product promotes new hair growth and stops hair loss. Apply 10 drops twice a day in the morning and at night. See the difference. No need to wear extension  to fill  empty spaces. Your hair will look fuller and healthier. Now you’ll be a good fit for many roles with that great looking hair.

Get ready to land the best role of your acting  career and take good care of yourself with the help of Life Extension .Error processing request